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Zip Lines Canopy Adventure, . If your preferred way to enjoy the Baja desert is by getting close to it and flying through its vast canyons, Zip Lining is the perfect activity for you. With an 8-line tour available for every level and a complete experience, the consensus is that our Cabo Canopy Tour is by far and away, the most fun of all. What’s more, the length of the lines allow for more “flying time” whether it be individually, tandem or in small groups.

Our Extreme Cabo Canopy Tours offer guests 300% more length in lines than any other place in Los Cabos and the safest equipment. You will never feel afraid knowing that the lines are made with cables 35 tons can support up to 16 tons of weight and your harness has the strength to endure another 2 tons alone, not to mention our bilingual guides who are trained by the best instructors in the field.

While hanging over 300 feet above ground, the zip lines reach up to 2,673 feet in length (that is nearly 9 football fields)! You’ll be flying across canyons, passing close to rock formations and watching the oasis below from bird’s eye view. Not to mention, the zip lines are actually the longest anywhere found in the country of Mexico. While flying, make sure to keep your eye on the natural wildlife soaring both above and below you as you scoot through the air.

During the entire Extreme Canopy Tour two guides will accompany guests with one on the take off platform and the other who will connect you to the line. Awaiting your arrival, the other guide will assist on the landing platform and disconnect you from the zip line. Once your tour is completed, you can relax at our bar and restaurant enjoying food and drinks a la carte.

Our Extreme Cabo Canopy Tours offer guests 300% more length in lines than any other.

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Zip Lines Canopy Adventure Information


  • Roundtrip transportation from most of Los Cabos Hotels
  • Bottled water during tour
  • All safety equipment
  • Bilingual and professional tour guide
  • Free lockers ($5 usd deposit returned at exit).


  • Additional food and beverages not mentioned.
  • Optional gratuities for staff.
  • Park fee entrance Insurance

What to Bring

  • Comfortable attire (jeans or shorts and t-shirt).
  • Sun block.


  • Comfortable attire (jeans or shorts and t-shirt).
  • Sun block.


  • 2.5 hours Hrs
This price includes transportation